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Just a note to thank you for your professionalism, your service, and expertise; especially with technology- but closets/storage as well.

As I said to Nick, he has a special gift of executing IT principles and implementation with personalization, communication, and caring about customer needs. This also could not have happened without Tyler and Chad, and same values you espouse.

I appreciate how you allowed me to "vent" even though it wasn't your fault and then did whatever was necessary to meet our needs.

You guys are awesome!


I now understand the importance of SOHO installing at the very end of the building process...

Good evening. I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much the guys at The Soho Shop have saved my experience with Control4. I originally had a local installer from a local, large A/V store that led to a year of loss of service and constant house visits. Nothing would work and they had thrown up their hands in frustration.

I found Bryan and Paul through a referral on the control4 forums. They pinpointed the bad RF unit on one of my 300?s immediately and got me a new one. They also cleaned up the shoddy programming.

Then when my 1000 was bricked by a recent update, they got you to send me a new one immediately and have been working to get me up and running again. Paul was just one the phone tonight with his child yelling in the background finishing the reinstall. Great service indeed!

If not for these guys, I would have been miserable and completely against C4. Now, I think it is at least passable as a system with some good and bad aspects.

You should really push users towards these top end installers and dealers to ensure positive experiences.

Just one user’s opinion.

-Adam Gacek

Dear Paul:

I had been waiting for over 2 weeks without being scheduled with my local dealer and you upgraded/tweaked my system in less than 24 hours. The results are perfect. Thank you, you have a customer.

-Kevin Muise

Dear Dan:

Thank you for introducing Bryan Jefferson and The SOHO Shop to me to assist us with our audio visual update to our Innsbrook lake house. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the service and results of the work done by The SOHO Shop.

The quotations for work were professionally prepared and Bryan was excellent in answering all of my questions. The work was performed promptly and with great care. Jean &I received good value for our project and excellent workmanship. Our new TV is wonderful and the home controller that Bryan recommended and installed is a terrific tool. Bryan also came back to make some further adjustments and he has provided prompt responses to other questions I had about A/V components.

I strongly recommend Bryan and The SOHO Shop for home theater projects for other Innsbrook residents. I believe others will be as pleased as we are with the workmanship and professional approach.

Sincerely, Mike E Smith

I wanted to drop you a line to thank you very much for all your assistance with my recent house automation project. As you know, I have been looking into Control 4 for a very long time, awaiting for the experience with this particular product line to mature, and exploring my various options for system installation. I sincerely appreciate the time and effort you and Cody have taken to answer my many questions along the way!

I have been impressed with your interest in my project, desire to help, expertise, professionalism, and above all, the open and flexible nature of your business. Over and over you have demonstrated the high level of standard that you hold yourself to and your commitment to making sure that your customers are treated fairly and are satisfied with the product lines you offer.

I would have no reservation referring others to The SOHO Shop, knowing that you/your team will try their best to configure a solid system, provide excellent customer service and support the products you stand behind.

Thanks again for all your help.

W Miller

Dear Dan:

Once I started building my house, I began searching for a Control4 dealer to handle my install. I contacted several near-by dealers and only one sounded promising. They gave me an estimate that I found reasonable; however I decided to expand my search for a Control4 dealer. That is when I came across a company out of St. Louis called The Soho Shop. The owner and I began our dialogue over emails. Once we started getting into the details of my project, we talked over the phone to discuss my options. We went over all the things that can be done with Control4. Over several phone calls, we ironed out what I would need to complete my immediate project, as well as what I would need to do to add on in the future. He worked with me to make sure I had everything in place for when I decided to add on. I began the search for my dealer probably a little late and had to hire someone locally to do the pre-wire, but Bryan was in constant contact with them to ensure it was done correctly. He was always a simple phone call away if I, the builder, or the pre-wire crew had a question.

When it was time to do the final install, Bryan and Coy came to put the system in. They had done the majority of the programming before hand, and built most of the rack. They just had to make all the connections and do some final programming and I was up and running. They demonstrated how to move around the system and do some programming with Composer HE. They were very professional and I enjoyed getting to finally talk to them in person.

If I ever have any questions he is quick to respond by either email or phone call. I can’t wait to add onto my system over the next couple of years and there is no doubt who I’m going to use for that. I was a little hesitant using a dealer that lived over 3 hours away, but with Control4’s remote viewing; Bryan can log on and make any adjustments or updating that he needs to my system. I can’t stress how important it is to have a good dealer that you can trust and rely on. It’s one thing to get a good system installed but you need to have someone you can rely on after the installation to fix little glitches or whatnot. If you don’t have a good dealer your equipment can quickly turn ugly. If The Soho Shop is your dealer then you have no worries they will help you to maintain a great running system. The Soho Shop took my new home and made it my dream home and I still have a few more projects that I want to add to the system which will make my home a place I may never leave.


Paul J. Smith