control your home
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Home Automation with Control4 is all about making living simpler with the use of technology. Using Control4 and partner smart home technology products the system has the capability to receive an alert with your current location when on your way home from work and start to wake your home up from a resting state. By the time you get home, the temperature is at the comfortable level you have pre-selected, the lights are on to greet you, and your favorite song is playing in the background. With our certified tech gurus, we can make your home function the way it should – automatically. So ask yourself this question: Isn’t it about time your home worked for you? Yes!

Living Room

The SOHO Shop can strategically install smart home technology for your entertainment system, keeping it completely out-of-sight. With Control4, a single remote allows you to control it all!

How can the technology in your living room work for you?

  • While catching up on the hit TV show of the month, your doorbell rings. Through Control4, with the press of a button, you can instantly see who is at the door, right from your TV screen.
  • About to start movie night with the family? Through a home automation system custom lighting scene with Lutron can dim lights and lamps to set the mood, and be raised just as easily for intermission! Movie night during the day? Lower the Lutron automated shades or blinds without leaving the couch, all with the Control4 automation platform.
  • With smart technology, you also never have to worry about the security of your home. The “Armed Stay” feature on your security system can be activated with the touch of one button on your remote. You can navigate to the security interface and secure your home without ever getting off the couch.


Let technology enhance each experience in your home, even in the kitchen. The kitchen is often times the gathering point of the home. Whether entertaining friends, cooking for your family, or helping the kids with homework.

We know your counter space is limited, don’t clutter it with bulky TV’s, speakers, and remotes – let The SOHO Shop install a wall mounted iPad or Touchscreen to give you easy access to the technology in your kitchen.


Can’t find a good place for a TV in your kitchen? Why not install a waterproof television IN the wall? The seamless technology by Séura, built right here in the USA, allows you to have a 19” or 27” flat panel television built right into the backsplash.


The SOHO Shop will make smart technology in your kitchen work for you. With Control4, the press of a button you can set the mood for a romantic dinner, make the house come alive by hitting the Party button, or the Clean button for when the party’s over!

Master Suite

With a home automation system from The SOHO Shop, you could simply roll over and hit the “Goodnight” button on your bedside keypad and the lights would turn off. But it doesn’t stop there! The same “Goodnight” button press also arms your security system, locks your doors, closes the garage doors, turns off the TV in the kid’s play area, and adjusts the thermostat to a comfortable sleeping temperature.

Outdoor Living

The smart technology in your home does not stop at the doorstep. Enjoy the same comforts of your living room outside with the amazing weatherproof technology from The SOHO Shop.

Feel like you’re at the ballgame on your patio with a Seura 55” outdoor TV and hidden landscape speakers from Sonance. Why not host a neighborhood movie night with your outdoor Sony projection system – bringing the drive-in home!

Don’t get good WiFi by the pool? We can help with that too! Let us design an IP network with coverage that extends beyond the walls of your home.

Media & Game Rooms

Gone are the days of giant rear-projection TV’s, stacks of CD’s and DVD’s, and an obnoxious amount of big, bulky AV equipment. Consolidate your media room with a wall mounted 90” 4k flat panel television or even a state of the art projection screen system, and invite more people to the party with your new found space!

Looking to update your tired, old basement to be the envy of your friends? Bring your ideas to The SOHO Shop, or let us design a space unique to you.

Working with a designer, builder, or contractor? Excellent! Collaboration is our middle name. We will work hand in hand with any team to achieve the goals of your space.

Home Theater

The mecca of home entertainment – the Home Theater.  This is the place where you should truly feel immersed in the experience of your favorite movie, TV show, or video game. Home Theaters come in all shapes, sizes, and budgets. Should you be looking for a modest space to bring in the elements of a Home Theater or a reference-quality space, let The SOHO Shop lead the way with smart technology.

A Home Theater is a closed off space, with tiered seating, a large projection screen and HD projector, and multi-channel speakers and subwoofers, all working harmoniously together to bring you an amazing cinematic experience. The technology doesn’t stop there however. A well-built Home Theater also includes technology inside and on the walls. Often times it is important to include sound-proofing technology inside the walls to make sure your viewing experience does not affect those outside of the Home Theater. Acoustic paneling inside the room, typically on the walls and ceilings, is used to improve the sound quality of the room.



Security & Surveillance

Your family and your home are your prized possessions. Keep them both safe with a security system and video surveillance designed by The SOHO Shop. Our scalable solutions allow you to choose the level of security that makes you feel comfortable in your home, and while you are away.

The amazing smart technology we use for security systems does not stop at a simple keypad and central monitoring service – why not have your home alert you by text, email when the kids get home. Even control the times of day that your cleaning person or nanny are allowed to enter your home. How many times have you left your home and forgotten to arm your security system? Simply pull out your smartphone and press the “Away” button: your home security is instantly armed, the lights, music, and television’s all turned off, garage doors are closed, and doors locked!

Knowing what is going on inside and out of your home is very important. Utilize our wide selection of digital and analog surveillance cameras, strategically placed to provide you the peace of mind you need to keep you informed. When you leave your home, stay connected by using your smartphone or computer and an Internet connection to check up on your home.

Central Vac System

We've all experienced it at least once in our lives. Hauling a vacuum cleaner up and down stairs. Trying to navigate under and between furniture. Examining a room after putting the vacuum cleaner away and having an odd sense that the room seems dustier than when you began. Worst of all, finding ourselves back at the stores every few years to purchase yet another vacuum cleaner because the old one fell apart.  Installing a central vacuum system is the answer to all these complaints.

Floor Coatings

Elite Concrete Coatings, a SOHO Shop Affiliate Company, installs Rock-Tred garage floor coatings. We can install your garage floor start to finish in one day with an only 24 hour "stay off" timeframe. We can also apply your garage floor coating in temperatures as low a zero degrees. 

To learn more about our concrete floor coatings and please visit our affiliate company, Elite Concrete Coatings.

Closet and Shelving

There are endless possibilities with closet and storage organization systems. Our creative Solution Designers will work with you to build a customized design that reveals a closet or spaces optimal potential. Organization systems can be used for walk-in and reach-in custom closets, wardrobes, children playrooms, craft areas, pantries, media rooms, and storage rooms. 

Walk-in closets are larger spaces, but often times that means the space can come with more challenges to maximize efficiency and storage ease. Solution Designers will work to take full advantage of your closet, no matter the layout. Reach-in closets are commonly found in older homes, or guest rooms. A single rod can make it hard to keep your space organized. Our systems build multiple levels of storage that is easy to access. Wardrobes create a closet that was not there before. Instead of a armoire you would have to buy at a furniture store, we build a custom look that will bring style, order, and functionality to your room.

Children bedrooms and playrooms are unique spaces that require a different design component in mind. How they can grow with the space. Our flexible and easily adjustable systems provide for the stage your children are in now, and what is to come. We design with your family in mind. We want your house to remain your home.

Craft areas provide a special get away space or room that allow your creativity to unfold. Don't spend your time searching and sorting through your items. Our organization systems can take even the smallest space into a place for you to make your own work of art.

Pantries and storage rooms often get forgotten. These spaces are needed for a home to function, but are often very small in size. By using our organization systems to organize your food and storage items, you can get the most potential out of even the smallest spaces.

Media rooms can be difficult to house your technology needs, but yet still remain pleasant to the decor. Elite storage systems allow your media room to not only house amazing technology, but also keeps it organized and stylish.

We believe all homes have hidden potential. Invite our creative Solution Designers for a complementary design consultation. You will be glad you did. You will never look at your home the same.

Blinds and Window Treatments

Lutron window treatments and blinds can be the stylish, finishing touches that complement your home. Window treatments have come a long way over the years and now they can be automated just like the rest of your home. With a press of a button you can easily transform your home to fit your mood.

Imagine all the ways you can transform your home with a simple button whether you are away from home, already relaxed in bed, or finally getting that little one to sleep:

    • Allow the morning light to gently roll into your home while preparing for your day.
    • Escape the glare on your computer screen in your home office by letting the shades filter out the light.
    • Block out any unwanted light making perfect conditions for your little one’s rest.
    • Enjoy being welcomed home each night by the right amount of light from your shades all from the click of a button from your car.
    • Set the mood for entertaining by finding the perfect lighting from Lutron for dinner, drinks, or even a movie in your home theater.

Not only do your windows look great, they can also save money on your energy bill by allowing sun in to help warm your home during the winter or shutting it out to keep cool in the summer. 

We offer a large selection of top quality automated and standard window treatments.  With inspiring fabrics and finishes, they are sure to match your home decor.

Let us help you create the perfect atmosphere for your new smart home!

"The SOHO Shop upgraded/tweaked my system in less than 24 hours. The results are perfect. Thank you, you have a customer.

~Kevin Muise