Control your office technology,
without calling the IT guy"


Technology is an important part of any business. The consistency reliability, and speed in smart technology is now even greater than ever. Rely on smart technology systems with Control4 from The SOHO Shop to increase productivity and security in your workplace.

We can work with your IT staff to develop technology platforms with Control4 for your business that can be implemented immediately, or staggered and rolled out over time. Don’t have an in-house IT professional? No problem! With the help of our skilled designers and technicians, The SOHO Shop can put together the pieces of your IT and technology puzzle.

Aging in Place Care Facilites

Provide peace of mind and reduced guilt to the families of the loved ones in your healthcare facility. Technology can help you keep families connected to your residents and also assist your staff in providing the best, proactive care.

We can provide a robust technology standard for your single or multiple facilities.  Our standards cover everything from the structured wiring, equipment racking, network infrastructure, access control, video surveillance, distributed audio, and entertainment area solutions.  We have some the best partners in the industry Aging in place care space, and we can offer the best solution for your business. 

Conference Rooms

The SOHO Shop can design and install a smart technology system as simple as a wall-mounted flat panel or projector for presentations, to an elaborate technology system with lighting control from Lutron, motorized shades, password protected user access, and desk mounted computer connections that allow anyone in the room to provide content.

Conference rooms have become the multipurpose meeting space for companies large and small. Often times used for quick brainstorming, 16-hour marathon meetings, and entertaining prospective clients. Whatever uses your conference room serves; don’t let the technology hinder you from achieving your business goals.

Whole Office Solutions

Smart technology in the office not only provides ease of use and security, but can also be a great way to control energy costs. The unique lighting devices from Lutron can automatically turn on and off lights during and after business hours if someone enters or leaves a room. Climate control systems can offer a substantial energy savings as well. The SOHO Shop uses remote temperature sensors and hidden thermostats to keep unwanted users from adjusting the temperature. Heating and cooling units can also be set to specific levels if an area of your building is not being used.

Why waste time turning on lights, entertainment, and other technology systems at the start of your workday? The SOHO Shop can provide you with an automated technology system that can do all of that for you, with the touch of a single button. Conversely, turning everything off at the end of the day with a single button.

Protect your assets with the necessary security and video surveillance technology. These solutions can be scaled to provide you with the most valuable coverage, focusing on ROI. Stay connected to your office while away with alerts when certain events occur – alleviating the time of constantly watching over your business.


Space should not be a constraint against your technology goals. Industrial spaces come with their own unique challenges when designing and installing technology systems. But our skilled staff thrives under these conditions and can work with you to provide you with the automation, IT, security, and video surveillance needs, no matter how big!


The industry that never sleeps! And neither should it’s technology. Mission critical technology is of the utmost importance when it comes to Casinos, especially the security and video surveillance solutions, as well as access control and entertainment. The SOHO Shop can deploy the necessary technology systems to make your casino successful!

Bar / Restaurant

Differentiate your business with a smart technology system from The SOHO Shop with Control4 that is both easy to use and impactful for your customers – keeping them in their seats, ordering more food and drink! For many bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, the time spent by the customers in your facility translates directly to dollars on the bottom line. Entertainment becomes a very important part of the atmosphere in these spaces, almost as much as the food and drink selection. 


Give your guests the ultimate luxury experience while visiting your hotel. Our simplified smart technology solutions for hotels provide the best solutions for entertainment, climate, and Lutron’s lighting control – keeping you, the housekeeper, in mind. When a guest enters their room, their key is inserted into a holder that instantly draws the shades up, revealing their view; adjusts the lights to a preset level, activates the climate control system, and turns on the TV to the hospitality interface. From there, each guest has the ability to control all the technology in the room, right from the TV or wall mounted touch screen. When they leave the room and remove their key, the shades are drawn, lights, TV, and climate control turned off – conserving energy when it is not necessary.

Commercial Sonos


"The SOHO Shop upgraded/tweaked my system in less than 24 hours. The results are perfect. Thank you, you have a customer.

~Kevin Muise