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Our History

The SOHO Shop was founded in February 2008 by Bryan Jefferson in St. Charles, MO around Bryan’s kitchen table. Our goal started as a very simple one, to find a technology that would make our friends envious of our homes. The rest of our goals and company culture aspirations were written on the back of a McDonald’s bag that hangs in the office today!


We began blogging about our experience with the Control4 integration system and the things we were doing in our own homes – blogging about our experiences with smart home technology really had a major impact on our readers.  From this outlay of shared knowledge people began calling us for assistance and wanting us to bid their projects. So we formalized a website, purchased business cards, got a phone number, and we were in the automation business! 


Still designing and staging Control4 systems in our homes, we grew rapidly, adding our first employee in December 2008. We continued to grow through the housing downturn, and in May 2010, we officially opened our first Control4 showroom and operational facility.


During 2010 we doubled the size of our company and added our first dedicated sales director. In 2011 we moved to our current location in New Town St. Charles, and opened another branch in Des Moines, IA. At the beginning of 2016, we opened our first Control4 display center in Lake Saint Louis, giving future clients an even better understanding of the benefits of smart home technology with a Control4 system.


We continue to have growth by following one simple mission, “make our customers’ everyday life safer and simpler through the intelligent use of smart technology.”


Our promise continues to be: When you work with us, you know you are doing business with a company that has the technological experience to design and install a state-of-the-art residential or commercial technology systems, and the business acumen to be grounded to service the system years from now. We are a veteran-owned small business whose management team brings together decades of experience from various disciplines.

We are very excited to make you part of our family. Welcome to The SOHO Shop!

What does S-O-H-O stand for?

We get this question a lot. What is SOHO? Are you from New York? SOHO is a networking (IP) acronym for Small Office, Home Office. Quite simply, was a company name we had already registered, is now a source of mystique and uniqueness in the technology market place. We are commonly known as “SOHO”, the “SOHO guys” – which ever you prefer, we are OK with either!

The Partners

Bryan Jefferson, President

Scott Mosher, VP of Sales

Chad Baker, President - Des Moines Office

The Teams

St. Louis

Dennis Hickman, System Designer

Jerry MillerOperations Manager

Doug South, Master Technician

Jake Corley, Technician

Michael Keating, Technician

Zeke Santacruz, Technician

Aaron Hahn, Technician

Jon Cummings, Technician

Jamie Koehler, Finance & Purchasing

Jennifer Jefferson, Project Coordinator 

Charles Mandrell,  Sales Consultant

Kris Mosher,  Sales Consultant 

Bobby Etherton,  Sales Consultant 

Becky Goben – Marketing Coordinator


Des Moines

Mike Ryan, Master Technician

Graham Laird, Master Technician

Jake Caldwell, Vacuum Specialist

Dave Punelli, Vacuum Specialist

Joe Nichols, Residential System Designer

Tyler Smith, West Coast Support Master Technician

Terry Clark, Technician

Elizabeth Grunzweig, Office Coordinator







Sales Consultant